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Marlene's business name is in direct reference to letters between her mother and grandmother. Marlene's grandmother was fluent in Ojibway and always conversed in the Ojibway language with her kids. When Marlene's mother, Elsie Kwandibens moved away from home, the only way she could converse with her mother was to "write" ojibway words phonetically in the English alphabet. Elsie kept these letters as momentos and showed them to her kids when they were older. Marlene's awe in the love shared within the letters was instrumental in the development of her business.

  • The Logo

    Marlene would sit and daydream of certain aspects in her young life and doodling was a method of focus she employed during various highschool classes.

  • The Initials

    Marlene was always congnizant of her long name and her cousins would always dream of stardom and how they would sign their fans gear. Marlene chose her intials as Marlene Jennifer Kwandibens would just not do on the red carpet!

  • The Brand

    The phonetic expansion of her initials and the visual pair together to bring a bit of a young woman's dream of being famous and recognized. Little did she know that her bead recognition would make her a star in her own right!

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Beaded Earrings Size 11 Miyuki Delica beads  

  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

    The artist is a firm believer in Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Marlene finds jewelry gems in big box stores and yard sales across the country.

  • Reduce

    Marlene bulk buys items like other jewelry or gemstones, repairs them or takes them apart for use in her jewelry. This saves these items from the landfill.

  • Reuse

    By reusing items in her jewelry, Marlene finds uniqueness in the costume jewelry industry with her very individual vision and style.

  • Recycle

    By recycling metal jewelry parts, Marlene is keeping the metal demand lower within her jewelry business. Marlene firmly believes that repurpose is always an option in jewelry making.